It’s mid-August and we have a question.

Did you take any time off this summer?

Did you step away from your business and not call or email in?

Many business owners would say “That’s impossible!”

But why? Research shows that real unplugged vacations are critical to people’s health  – allowing  you to return restored, refreshed, renewed. And ready to dive back in to running and improving your business.

As Andrea Callahan says in this Money article, “Vacations sharpen the sword”.

From a purely practical perspective, a business that runs on its own is far more valuable and easier to sell than one that demands every minute of an owner’s life.

Plus you’ll enjoy your business more if you step away from time to time.

How can you change your business so you can take time off?

Start small – take the afternoon off and do something for yourself or with your family. Promise yourself won’t check email after 6 p.m. (or before 7 a.m.) Ease into a long weekend – and truly “get-away”.

Identify tasks or processes that only you can do – and train someone else to take them on, while documenting the training. Distribute responsibility to those you trust. Look into automation for some tasks.

Soon, taking two weeks off for a dream vacation won’t be impossible. It will be do-able- and your business will be stronger because of your efforts.

Are you ready for a real vacation? Or maybe you are ready to sell your business for a permanent vacation!

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