CDC Releases Draft Guidance for Reopening Businesses, Restaurants, Bars

CDC Releases Draft Guidance for Reopening Businesses, Restaurants, Bars

The CDC has released draft guidelines for the President to review and approve outlining measures to be taken by businesses as they reopen.  Specific sections address businesses with Vulnerable Employees (page 10), Restaurants and Bars (page 12) , Child Care Centers, Schools and Day Camps, and Communities of Faith.

Click here for CDC Interim Guidance for Opening Businesses.

The guidance is very detailed outlining three phases.

Phase 1 suggests strict social distancing, closing common rooms like break rooms, telework, and other restrictions.

Phase 2 suggests moderate social distancing, shifts for common rooms, maintaining telework, etc.

Phase 3 is closer to the norm although limited social distancing is still suggested.

These guidelines are subject to change as there are many concerns about their work-ability.  Namely, can social distancing be maintained and other suggested requirements?  How are health checks performed while still maintaining required confidentiality? We are sure this will all be clarified over the next few weeks.

According to the Washington Post, the bulk of these guidelines are expected to go into effect sometime over the next seven days or so.


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