“Around the Valuation World” Presentation on “Being a Powerful Expert Witness”

“Around the Valuation World” a monthly business valuation webinar is pleased to host Alan Zipp as he presents on the topic, “Being a Powerful Expert Witness”.  Alan is an Attorney CPA, CVA and has many years experience as an expert witness in a variety of cases.   In the presentation on “Being a Powerful Expert Witness,” Alan will explore things you should and should not do when presenting your case in a variety of situations.

Dr. Ashok Abbott will present on “Selecting Appropriate DLOM Models.”  Calculating Discounts for Lack of Marketability has become a complex endeavor with many models and methods to choose from.  Selecting the correct method for calculation is paramount to surviving review of your valuation report.

Around the Valuation World is a monthly webinar on business valuation topics hosted by the NACVA and edited by Greg Caruso of Harvest.  For more information click to go to the Around the Valuation World website.

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