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“What is YOUR Number?”

Contingency and Succession Planning for Contractors, Suppliers, and Engineers

Are you ready to retire but you feel trapped by the current economy? This presentation will help. Every general contractor, trade contractor, supplier, and engineering firm owner has a “Number” in their head. That number represents what they believe (or want to believe) is the true market value of their company. Unfortunately, for most owners, that number is a pipe dream. This presentation and workshop is for those contractors, suppliers, and engineers who are serious about obtaining their “Number”.

  • Take immediate actions today to implement a contingency and succession plan
  • Develop a plan and implement it increasing final market value of the business by 25 to 100% or more
  • Address the unique challenges of family transitions and management buy-outs
  • Know the true timelines of successful business transitions

The biggest wealth opportunity for most contractors is their business sale or transition. Make sure your members know what it takes to get their maximum value. Book today.

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