Lance Hall Valuation Discounts






Do not miss this month’s “Around the Valuation World” airing May 16th where I will interview Lance S. Hall of FMV Opinions, on the many, many types of valuation discounts.  Creativity backed up by data and common sense rule.  This will be an exciting show.  For more information and to register click here.

Lance S. Hall is the Co-founder and President of FMV Opinions one of the most respected names in business valuation.

Want to know more?  Please click here for the downloadable e-book. “7 Things You Must Know Before You Order a Business Valuation” 

Gregory R. Caruso, a partner with Harvest Business Advisors is the Editor in Chief of “Around the Valuation World” which we think of as “them most interesting two hours in business valuation – monthly”.    Harvest provides business valuation and business brokerage services.

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