“Around the Valuation World”, the NACVA’s monthly continuing education webinar on business valuation, has the following upcoming lineup on November 19:

  • Jay Fishman is being interviewed by Cheryl Hyder on the  “Right of Publicity”.  Jay has been involved in the Estate of Michael Jackson case and other cases involving this right.  This interesting intangible asset will be further explored.
  • Essential Business Valuation Industry Updates by Michael Gregory.  News from BV Resources summarized.
  • Robert Castro is bringing us valuable information on Building Your Brand, techniques to improve your Business Valuation practice.
  • Ed Mofrad is interviewing Zachary Meyers on Business Valuation Standards.

This November 19 webinar begins at 1:00 P.M. Eastern time and runs until approximately 2:45 P.M. eastern time.

Members of the NACVA may click here and login to receive a free inviteOthers may click here to learn more. 

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“Around the Valuation World”, is the NACVA’s monthly continuing education webinar on business valuation.  It is edited and hosted by Greg Caruso, JD, CPA, CVA and Partner at Harvest Business Advisors, business valuation experts and business brokers.