Gregory Caruso, a Princeton, New Jersey based business valuation expert, in his role as Editor-in-Chief is hosting a one hour version of “Around the Valuation World”, the most interesting show in business valuation, each of three days during the upcoming conference.

The NACVA or National Association of Certified Validators and Analysts is the premier association in business valuation.  This year’s conference, the groups 25th anniversary is being held in San Diego at the Hotel del Coronado.  The opening keynote speaker is Steven Forbes.

“Around the Valuation World” provides 2 hours of continuing education each month through a webinar that is fashioned as a news-magazine show.  In his capacity as Editor Greg oversees the overall show including the interviews and correspondent presentations.  Past interviews have included Lance Hall of FMV, Lee Frederiksen of Hinge and Chris Mercer.  For more information click here.