Business Brokers Guide to Building Business Value for Business Owners – Developing a Sales and Marketing System

“We see that Bob, while a talented engineer, is really an excellent technical salesperson.  We want Bob on our team and will acquire your business to get him.”

On the other side of the equation, Bob was excited to have the opportunity to sell more services at the larger firm that was acquiring the company where he was employed.

This true story shows the power of having a good sales force that is not dependent on you as the owner. 

At engineering firms, often all sales are made by the Partner Owners.  In this case, it had been delegated to a talented younger engineer.  Simply because the main salesperson was staying with the selling company after the sale the risk to the buyer was reduced –  and the price went up.

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Great systems where decisions can be made without you, the owner, necessarily being involved increase the value of the business.

Having a sales system that does not involve the owner is even more powerful as it means the client relationships do not all rest with you – because you intend to leave.  The sales systems rest with your employees who will stay.

Continuity in client relationships is a powerful indicator that your business and business profits are transferable.

Look at how you can build your business to include a sales process that does not require you and build your business value.

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